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Have You Heard This?

In the 1980s, after having a discussion, the Japanese decided to manage their aging and declining population to preserve their culture. In the 1990s, facing the same changing population without discussion Germany threw open it's borders.

Today, the Japanese standard of living is higher than in 1985 with a lower crime rate. The Germans have a lower standard of living, and a higher crime rate. Even worse, the migrants consume scarce resources leaving the lowest rungs of German society without aid.

Like Germany, we in the U.S. never had a discussion on migration. The left just throws our borders in defiance of our laws whenever their political power allows them. Letting migrants push the most fragile of our countrymen into the streets.

We Should Have Had This Discussion

But it´s more than immigration. It´s all of public policy. Education. Spending and the debt. The constant wars and lack of patriotism. We were raised to believe in America. To have faith in the Exceptionalism of America.

Like you, I´ve been lied to by the media. Like you, I´ve been shouted down when talking about public policy. Rather than having discussions, the elite acts against my wishes - against our wishes, and just ignores the law.

Did We Loose the Cold War?

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed ending the cold war. There were no parades. The Bush administration sent aid to Russia. A new era of peace and harmony began.

But did it?

The Soviet disinformation campaigns continued with a life of their own. KGB disinformation master Yuri Andropov understood the Soviets´ original involvement would be forgotten, then the disinformation machinery would take a life of it´s own. It´s just the way human nature worked. (Defector account, page 88)

Designed to change hearts and minds, these active measures tore away the fabric of American patriotism, while infecting the environmental movement with Marxists, and instilling the anti-war students with a hatred for America that continues to this day. (Project ARES, page 95)

You´ve surely heard college protesters chanting about Zionist, Imperialism, Colonialism, Settlers, and more. Did you know these terms were taught to the Middle Easterners by Warsaw pact volunteers similar to American Peace Corps member. They taught the proper slanders and terminology to increase hatred for Israel, and drive a wedge between Israel and the Unites States. (Project SIG, page 43 and 88.)

Did you know former vice president and climate hoaxer in chief, Al Gore credits a Soviet Disinformation campaign with giving him the idea to focus on global environmental issues rather than local issues. (NUCLEAR WINTER, page 50)

Did you ever wonder why in the 1970s all the fear articles were about global cooling, but now it´s global warming or just the all inclusive climate change. The Climate Hoax chapter explains how three different Soviet Disinformation campaigns became wrapped together to form the AGW swindle. (Begins on page 40) Bring any of this up and we´re laughed at. Told it´s old news. But all our current political debates are shot through with the remains of these Soviet Disinformation campaigns.

Here´s a test for you... Speak to any liberal. When she starts spouting ignorance, accuse her of watching CNN. Chances are quite high she´ll get upset, and tell you she doesn´t watch CNN. She watches ____.

It´s about how she sees herself. She thinks she has an independent mind. She is a rational, caring person. Not like someone who has been brainwashed by watching Fox News.

But the truth is everything she knows, EVEN THE WORDS SHE USES, are the result of disinformation campaigns designed to destroy America. This is the most potent argument you can throw at the left.

In The Resentful Citizen, Terry Gibbs explores the roots of today´s political problems, and traces them back to Soviet Disinformation campaigns.

We on the right have been accused of being brainwashed by listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching Fox news, but it turns out everything the left thinks is based on Soviet lies.

We´ve been lied to. We´ve been shouted down, and ignored. Did you get an apology? Terry never got one.

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A resentment is the memory of a wrong reminding us to avoid those politicians in the future.

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